23 juin 2006

Al Zarqawi and others killed by US Army and G.W. Bush and Tony Blair

According to US Army, revolutionnary Al-Zarqawi was killed by US troops.
Al-Zarqawi was conducting revolutionary forces against US troops and G.W.Bush and coalition forces in Irak.
According to US troops, Al-Zarqawi was a violent man.
And he was killed by violent people, US troops, in a violent way by night.

Thus, a simple question, who has the right to take another's life ?

Are G.W.Bush and friends right when killing Al-Zarqawi?


Michael Berg, a pacifist, stated when learning this that :
"George Bush sits there glassy-eyed in his office with pieces of paper and condemns people to death. That to me is a real terrorist."
reinforcing the idea that G.W.Bush is a real terrorist along with other dictators of the world.

In fact G.W.Bush and his troops put people to death because they dislike them.

They swear to fight terrorism but act in terrorist ways.
Numerous people are put to death in America and outside US  by decisions from Head of State.

But who has the right to kill another person?
No one.

And certainly not G.W.Bush or any King or President.
Acting so, America and his allies stick to what should be called 'the American Way' : "If you hit me , I will hit you harder."

Hence, learn that there is no place for forgiveness in this world.
PEOPLE are selfish and want to take other ones life by any mean.
G.W.Bush, Tony Blair, Kings,Presidents, or simple citizens.
They all act like sharks fighting each other.

Revenge is their credo.

They live to spill blood on earth and don't give a damn about who will be in their way.

And then they party when blood is spilled and when they kill.

One should never be happy when learning death news.
But Tony Blair and G.W.Bush and coalition leaders are enlightened to learn that men were killed in Irak.
They should remember that their own death could be next.

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