23 juin 2006

Muslims are slaughtered in Darfour !

The Darfour Crisis is a genocide.
In fact it is a major genocide.
In Sudan, less than 15% of population are of christian and judaic religion.
These 15% try to dominate the country by slaughtering the muslim community in Sudan which represent more than 75% of population.
The Muslim community of Sudan is living under the violence and dictature of rapists and christianist militias and judaic militias.

The muslim community of Sudan is calling the UN to help her deal with the christianist judaic militias whose only intent is exterminating poor muslims from Sudan.
These militias are applying the Judeo-Christian Law that orders to kill any muslim at sight and rape his family.
The Evil christianists judaic militias, whose only intent is extending religious wars to Sudan and then Africa are depicting themselves as freedom fighters whereas they are killers and rapists.

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